Within You Are Worlds of Possibility



Within You Are Worlds of Possibility

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Search Engine Optimization techniques have changed dramatically throughout the years. With smarter and faster technology and algorithms comes a more authentic and specific strategy for ranking your web presence. Intention is the goal behind keywords and content. 


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We are here to help individuals, entrepreneurs, and any small business get their documents, spreadsheets, presentations, business plans, video and social web presence up to speed and looking professional. We take over the look so that YOU can focus on what YOU do best!


Life consists of what a {person}
is thinking of all day.

Ralph Waldo Emerson











Worlds Within is an organization that helps people to learn about themselves and how their thoughts are creating their personal realities. Through courses and workshops, offered online and offline, you will gain a strong understanding of the control your individual unconscious thoughts are having on your relationships, career and health.

As you begin to understand the complexities of your mind you can expect to experience profound growth and self-realization. As you hold new tools and processes, this growth triggers the kind of self-actualization which empowers amazing choices that deliver life-changing results.

No matter what your background or beliefs, the Worlds Within Workshops help to strengthen and expand who you are and how you live, based upon your choices and no one else's. You will be More Focused, More Awake, and More Alive than you ever imagined you could be.

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It's never too late to be the person
you might have been.

George Eliot

Worlds Within Workshops,
Courses & Keynote Addresses


The Power of Your Presence

How you become a
compelling person everywhere

Presence is the key in supporting all of your personal and business endeavors. This topic, delivered as a keynote address, workshop or online course, helps you to discover the core essence of Presence and how you can expand it into every aspect of your career, business and life. You will see, grow and learn how your physical presence can enforce success, and how your media and online presence can deliver your message, form bonds and reward you with a wealth of abundance.


The Quantum and Metaphysical

Understanding Spiritual connections within Science-based theories

Are you curious about the latest discoveries in Quantum Mechanics and Physics? Are you interested in the correlation between thousands of years old spiritual philosophy and the way modern science is connecting the dots?  This topic is mind-expanding, with a guarantee to help you perceive the world you live in with a renewed sense of understanding and clarity. 


The Minds Within

Exploration of NLP
'Neuro-Linguistic Programming'

An Introduction for Growth

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has helped millions of people worldwide to overcome their fears, increase their confidence, and acheive greater success in their personal and professional lives and relationships. NLP is a revolutionary study of the process of human thought. It explores what's really going on when we think. NLP is an understanding, not of the brain, but how the mind - using the brain - expresses itself and creates your individual experiences.


Achieving Goals

Understanding the techniques, tricks and truth behind Goal Setting and how it ACTUALLY works.


Relationship Sales

Learning What is involved in the Creation of Strong
Business Relationships

Goal-Setting is the fundamental step needed to reach abundance and success in every endeavor. Studies in almost every country of the world show that those individuals who have functioning and articulate goals have an above average chance (over 75%) of achieving and exceeding them. Learning how to set your goals and move toward them can dramatically change your life or your business.


Sales makes the world go-round. Without sales there is not a business, institution, organization or country that would exist. People always buy from People. It involves passion, connection, honesty, integrity and knowledge of how your product or service will enhance the other's life. In today's world, relationship selling is connected to our web presence on a global scale. Would you like to 10X your performance?


Becoming a Change Catalyst

How you can help others and affect change in this World.


Customized Topics

Modifying KeyNote topics, Workshops or COURSES to help facilitate change in your organization.

People are searching and they need help. A Change Catalyst embodies their experience and their wisdom into their daily practice of helping others and families or businesses. Whatever your personal journey, understanding the role of a Change Catalyst, assists you in your personal development business and journey.


If your business or organization requires specific topics or areas of action and response, we can discuss and design customized material that can be delivered and facilitated to your audience or group.




The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion
that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw



Ben Bressington, ONline Entreprenuer 

"Cameron is a genius. His program is amazing!"


Cindie Durnie, award winning artist

"I am so grateful for Cameron. His thought processes and his understanding are incredible."


GENEVIEVE Holden, Teacher 

"I've learned in ONE DAY what it has taken years of searching and frustration to stumble through. Clarity Rocks! Thank you, Cameron!" 


Melonie Dodaro, Social Media Expert

"I could never have been where I am now if it wasn't for Cameron and his helping me with the concepts of Presence." 

Cameron began exploring spirituality at a very young age. He is the brother of Dr. Kenneth Gordon, the Spiritual Leader for Centers for Spiritual Living, an organization spanning the globe and consisting of over 500 different centers in over 35 countries.  Throughout Cameron's life he has seen a variety of personal 'wake-up calls' and experiences which conveyed powerful messages of life's meaning and the truth of what we are.

As a database CRM expert, & sales and marketing professional, he began teaching businesses in 1988 on efficiency and productivity solutions for their Information Technology departments and expanded his consulting into effective Web Presence, marketing and social media strategies in 2005. He has trained with former Vice-President of the United States, Al Gore on the Power of Presence in Politics and presentations for the Climate Reality Project and worked with some of the most well-known personalities in the Personal Development Movement, namely, Dr. Kenn Gordon, Jack Canfield, John Demartini, and Michael Bernard Beckwith.

However, in 2010, after a complex cardiac event left him unconscious and bewildered, Cameron experienced a life altering 'vision' that later proved to unfold itself in his waking world. Curious and with profound tenacity for an explanation of what he saw, he sought out books, papers and people to shed light on his experience, and has learned different perspectives on what could of happened. His upcoming book, entitled "The Lone Tree", focuses on the experience, the reality and the spiritual ramifications of our lives...and deaths.  

Over 7 years he has been developing new skills and techniques that not only have helped himself but have been a tremendous help to friends, colleagues, clients and businesses.

Cameron helps businesses and individuals, through one-on-one coaching, and mentoring, as well as through online classes, workshops and seminars, to change their lives and become the people they want to be.

"Educate - Entertain - Enlighten"