Goal Setting In The 21st Century

Goal Setting In The 21st Century

Goal setting has been around since the dawn of our species, but in recent decades thousands of hours of research has gone into the specific steps required to achieving our goals once we think of them. By the way, just thinking of a goal and expecting to attain it has a very low chance of success. Not that failure is the opposite of success, because it is not - 'mediocrity' has the colorful distinction of that diametric position. Learning from failure is the hallmark of every successful endeavor, but goals are part of the formula as well.

So what are the necessary steps in goal setting that actually have been proven to work, or at least increase your chances of crossing the finish line with them.

The first step is to write your goal(s) down. Yes, indeed. Put pen to paper and actually take the time to write them down. Although you could type them out on your computer or smartphone notepad, I would recommend the old fashioned method of physically writing them onto a page. I will explain why. Research has shown that the act of physically writing ideas onto a page helps the brain to slow down and 'writing by hand requires more subtle and complicated motion from your fingers than typing, it actually increases activity in the brain’s motor cortex, an effect that’s similar to meditation. This explains why journaling can feel therapeutic and why it helps with mindfulness.' - this from Kristin Wong's article on Lifehacker: https://lifehacker.com/journaling-showdown-writing-vs-typing-1792942629

When you are writing your goals down, be specific. Always try to avoid generalizations and don't leave out the details. Aim for a 3 year target first and then work backward to the best possible outcome toward that goal at 2 years, 1 year, 9 months, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 2 weeks, tomorrow and today. This 'reverse engineering' enables you to breakdown the goal(s) into easy to do - easy to understand - bite sizes morsels that can be attained with doable efforts and review each day. The benefit of this strategy is that the long-term to short-term methodology helps you to structure a well thought-out plan.

The second step - Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail. A thorough and deliberate plan becomes your day to day road-map toward your final finish-line. It is best to start this process of goal setting with a defined and resonating Reason Why. Dig deep into your reasons for having this goal and avoid the superficial. The reason why you want it comes from your 'core-person' and when the going gets tough - as we all know it will - this reason why will pull you through. This is where values come in. Many times our opinions shape our values, when in actuality it should be our values shaping our opinions. Spend time to really get in tune with your real values, and then the reasons why you want your goal will stand out clearly and help define your planned path toward your goal. There are many books that you can find that have simple to follow steps in finding your true values. Seek out the one that resonates best with you and allow the outcome of your research to drive your detailed plan of success.

The third step is to Take Definitive Action. Stop procrastinating and get on with it. You only cheat yourself out of the amazing reward of accomplishment. Remember the opposite of Success? It's not failure. It's mediocrity. Do you want to be mediocre? If you've read this far - I know you don't. So what does definitive action look like?

Manage, Track and adjust your daily tasks and avoid the time-wasting habits that distract you and undermine your ability to succeed. Notice I said 'avoid' - we all get sucked into the variety of unique and different distractions that eat away at our time. A great way to avoid distractions is to EAT THE FROG FIRST. Get the ugliest and most uninteresting and boring, uncomfortable and 'just-don't-want-to-do-it' job done first. This has the fringe benefit of setting the rest of your day off on the feeling of accomplishment and achievement.

Bonus Points

Two additional components of goal-setting research that you can add to ensure you have the best and greatest chance to attaining them are this:

Find an accountability partner and surround yourself with inspirational motivation.

Find a trusted confidante that will hold you accountable to your goals. A mentor or coach is an excellent way to move forward with your goals provided they are knowledgeable in the area of your goals, (IE: weight-release, business, relationship) and holding you to your strategy and not just telling you what you want to here.

It's also been proven through research that your thinking can lead you to success or undermine your achievements. Staying positive and feeding your subconscious mind with messages that build you up isn't pseudoscience and new-age fluff. If you think you can't do it, you won't. If you think your lot in life is set, it is. Like Henry Ford once said: "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right."

Live A Life Longer

Live A Life Longer

Studies in Human Dynamics and Neuroplasticity show that the #1 thing that can help everyone to live a strong mental life longer is "Connection to Others".

Now let's be clear here - this does not mean online connection through Social Media platforms. An ever increasing amount of people are connected, but lonely and that's a whole other article. The specific connection referred to here is Abundant Physical COMMUNITY. Connecting with people and actually discussing topics that challenge the brain and fulfill our basic mammalian need for interactive communication. Physically being in the presence of well-meaning, supportive and communicative people on a regular basis is a powerful thing for our brains. Genuine hugging, as an example, has been attributed to incredible benefits for health and wellness.

What Is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity, also called brain plasticity, is the process in which your brain's neural synapses and pathways are altered as an effect of environmental, behavioral, and neural changes. When it comes to neuroplasticity, the brain is a lot like film. When you photograph a picture, of say, a forest, you're exposing the film to new information. It reacts to the light, and its makeup changes in order to record the image of that forest. In the same way, your brain's makeup changes when it's exposed to new information, so that it may retain that information.

Now things like diet and exercise help in tremendous ways too, but studies also show that when a community or connected group gather together and support one another in health and wellness activities, the dynamic and benefits grow exponentially.

There are many things that directly benefit people when they are involved in a connected community. These five things act like a Mastermind Group on steroids. Here are the top FIVE things you can expect:


The brain needs to be stimulated with new and exciting concepts, ideas and realities. Staying on the side of Knowledge means Growth. In a connected community the chances of you meeting an individual(s) that can mentor and guide you to new and exciting heights in belief and business are astounding. The group-mind dynamic has been long known to work for businesses and individuals when problems are discussed and the group works to find the solution. In Mastermind Groups the participants commit to helping one another in their endeavors and help them avoid potentially damaging mistakes. When groups work together in weight-release, the participants are far more likely to succeed in their goals and keep the health they have achieved. Learning and growing in a group dynamic enables the individuals to find their authentic and true selves, while establishing new skills and growing fresh brain cells. This stimulation has been proven to help decrease the onset of forgetfulness, dementia and even Alzheimer's Disease.


You may have heard the saying: "Your Network is your Net Worth"? This means that you increase the chances of increasing your opportunities in life by increasing the relationships you have. Studies and research show that birds of a feather flock together and that by increasing the size and scope of your flock increases the likelihood of attaining a specific goal and intention you make for yourself. People inherently wish to help others especially when the concepts presented are win/win. Joint Ventures, Career Goals, Relationships and expanded social dynamics deliver profound benefits to everyone's experience of life. Even challenging connections provide benefits to individuals who are seeking to change from within and physical social networking drives expanded ideas and conversations that can lead to profound internal growth.


It is common knowledge that startups that have a Solo Founder trying to make it alone stand a much higher chance of failure than Founding Teams. This is because it is virtually impossible to know and do everything yourself. You will inevitably be held back by something you have no skills or abilities with. Finding people with the skills you lack is a fringe benefit of community. People like to deal with people they know and have built a rapport with. In a community, people learn each other's skills and can draw on those skills to achieve their respective goals, thus growing and stabilizing themselves. When you put in the effort to get to know others within your community, you begin to enlist the help of skilled individuals who can help you with whatever problems you are encountering. These relationships may begin Joint Ventures and Partnerships that help build dynamic new businesses and solutions for others.


New ideas and creativity abound when we explore and expand outside our individual experiences and listen to the stories, goals and wants of others. I often say that inspiration blows in the wind and is picked up like a scent, lost quickly, held for a moment or kept for a lifetime. When we are in community we open ourselves up to opportunities of brilliance. We expand our awareness of other perspectives and experiences and with an open mind and heart we can discover within ourselves vast pools of inspiration and drive. Some of the greatest achievers of our age often gather together and seek inspiration from the conversations and ideas they share.


A strong support community means they know precisely what you are going through and strengthen your ability to move through the experience as opposed to getting trapped within it and falling into an isolated depression.

In today's society many people are overwhelmed by the constant and consistent stress and pressure that inundates us. From the foods we eat to the news we hear to the very environmental toxins we sit within, our bodies and minds are constantly assailed with damaging information. To cocoon and hermit ourselves for long periods of time is a byproduct of these insults against us and is a symptom of potential disease and perhaps the beginning of debilitating depression. Breaking away from these tendencies takes the support of a good community and involving yourself in one goes a very long way in securing a healthy and productive life that can last a long time.

Worlds Within "Tribe of Minds"

Are you seeking a community of individuals that will help you grow? Is there something missing in your life that you know will help you? Are you connected online, but lonely in your physical life? Do you have a service and a passion that could easily help others, if only you knew more people? Are you Spiritual? Are you drawing on threads to piece together your life? Are you feeling lost?

Now imagine a place where you could go that allows you to connect and brainstorm with people you can feel safe with. A place that encourages thoughtful discussion and where your mind gets stimulated with truth and community.

I am building "The Tribe of Minds" through my business, Worlds Within - (www.worldswithin.org)

It is a Mastermind on Steroids. Think of it as an ongoing “Presence Workshop” A place to challenge our thinking and connect with real physical human beings. A place to connect offline and in reality and be stimulated by the things that make us Human. A place to celebrate each of us in our diversity and uniqueness.

Are you intrigued? "The Tribe of Minds" meets once per month in the City of Calgary. This supportive group is designed to build community and create strategic intention in abundant ways – whether in business, health, relationships or spirituality. This group is about Intentional Connection and Community. It is a place to grow Knowledge, Inspiration, Network, Support and Resources.

The first step is to challenge yourself to attend – see what it’s like. The second step is to participate – and change your life for the better. If you are interested then please send me a message here on LinkedIn and I will answer all of your questions or email me directly at:


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His message is recorded each week by Worlds Within and shared here as an inspirational message to our visitors, friends and loved ones.